Questioning The Latest Statistics on Collections Under the FCA

The latest Statistics on Collections under the FCA are in and in my view people are well, missing the main view of them. Yes, they are down. $2.88 Billion collected in FY 18 as opposed to say $3.466 Billion in FY 17. If you look across the board it has been ten years since we […]

Puerto Rico Passes its Brand New False Claims Act

Thanks to Robert Patten of Taxpayers Against Fraud for letting the legal community know that today is a good day to say Si Say Puede! Why? Por que… Puerto Rico just passed its own brand new False Claims Act. Read the full press release here. I note that while the old activists’ and dare I […]

Tragic Duck Boat Accident in Branson

We don’t really know yet for sure what happened or why so many people lost their lives in what should have been a fun outing in Branson, Missouri. There will now be investigations and recriminations. It will take time to sift through the evidence and it is most likely that by the time anyone does […]

Lance Armstrong, Floyd Landis, and the False Claims Act

Today’s Washington Post Sports Section provides this perspective on an important False Claims Act case: “For Armstrong, Thursday’s settlement marks a chance to move forward, Stepping away from financial fears and deciding what is post-cycling life and post-livestrong societal contribution might look like.” Rick Maese “Analysis” D1 Great but, what about everyone else? The Sports […]

United States and Toyobo Case Has Ended

Almost everyone who worked on the unbelievably long litigation settled last week between the United States and Toyobo for $66 million had to have learned a lot. For many of us it was our first exposure to major False Claims Act litigation. It does not go without saying that the true hero in the story […]

The Strange Case of Jeffrey Wertkin

One area of the Strange Case of Jeffrey Wertkin appears to be coming to a close. Mr. Wertkin is a former Department of Justice Lawyer who went into private practice at a major law firm and took Justice Department files with him. He then attempted to sell information regarding Sealed False Claims Act cases, when […]

Fraud at Our DC Public Schools

The news as reported in the Washington Post today is enough to make a DC resident sick. Parents are apparently sending kids to our Duke Ellington High School who do not even live in the District and not paying for that privilege! To be clear there are apparently many parents who do this legally by […]

Importance of the False Claims Act

Here’s a video clip that is worth reviewing from C-SPAN. I am indebted to the good people at Taxpayers Against Fraud and colleagues in the bar for bringing it to my attention. On the Senate Floor Charles Grassley (R-Whistleblowers) recounts the history of the False Claims Act. Since he is responsible for the modern history […]

Are Whistleblowers Underpaid?

Well, here’s a really interesting number from the New York Times today and I think it proves a point about whistleblowers. It’s a point I’ve been trying to make about whistleblowers for years. That is, whistleblowers are fundamentally underpaid for the information that they provide the government. What you say? A whistleblower can collect millions […]

Qui Tam 2017 Year In Review

The Year in Whistleblower Reward Law has Been Tricky, but Exciting. The United States just released statistics on total recoveries for fiscal 2017, showing that the government continues to reap rewards from the False Claims Act. It obtained $3.7 billion from these cases. Most importantly $3.4 billion was recovered from cases filed by individuals under […]