National Whistleblower Day Celebration

It was inspiring to attend the celebration of this year’s National Whistleblower Day in the Kennedy Caucus room of the Russell Senate Office Building. Support for whistleblowers came from an impressive bipartisan group of legislators. Senator Charles Grassley (R-Whistleblowers) was the first legislator to speak. He was also the one who most forcefully noted the […]

The Dangers of Off Label Promotion in the Pharmaceutical Industry

By False Claims Act Attorney Tony Munter The largest False Claims Act cases (by far) have involved nationwide scams in the pharmaceutical industry. Many relied on the theory of “off label” promotion. A drug can be prescribed for any use by a physician. It is supposed to be promoted only for its approved use by […]

We Should Be Encouraging More Whistleblowing Businesses

By Whistleblower Attorney Tony Munter Those of us who advocate for the False Claims Act and whistleblower law like to say that we believe in business and we believe in the fairness of the capitalist system. Yet somehow whistleblower laws get attacked as being anti-business or that they somehow go too far. The biggest critics […]

Presidential Failure: How Pollsters Errors Could Impact False Claims Cases

By Whistleblower Attorney Tony Munter For those of us who want to use appropriate scientific evidence to fight fraud, the recent failure of pollsters in the election must be explained and examined. Statistical analysis has been held to be a legitimate tool to use to determine both liability and the extent of damages in certain […]

State Farm V. Rigsby and the Difficulty of Breaking the Court Seal

The whole case comes down to the Defendants in the underlying action, who lost a jury verdict, wanting the entire case thrown out because attorneys for the Plaintiff-Relator apparently violated the Seal of the court. The attorneys (who no longer represent the Plaintiff-Relator’s) sent information to the press.

The Wells Fargo Fiasco and the Complications of Internal Fraud Reporting

By False Claims Act Attorney Tony Munter It is worth repeating a thousand times: Internal reporting is no substitute for external authority of whistleblowers to Act under the False Claims Act and other Whistleblower laws. The many attackers of the False Claims Act want a Relator or really any whistleblower to be required to make […]