Being a Whistleblower In The Healthcare Industry

The following is information on whistleblowers in the healthcare industry and how their cases are different from those who report wrongdoing in other sectors. To learn more about the experience of being a whistleblower consult with an attorney today.

There are two major differences in the healthcare sector that immediately distinguish it from other sectors when reporting fraud against the government.

#1 Safety

The first is fairly obviously safety. Usually a fraud, not always but usually a fraud involving healthcare also has high likelihood of affecting health and well being of people who are relying on whatever health service or product is involved and for that reason everybody is a little bit sensitive to healthcare fraud cases.

If there is no medical necessity established to provide a service in healthcare that means you are getting an X-Ray for no reason or maybe you are not getting a treatment that you should be getting, or even things like a deficient nursing home or a defective pharmaceutical. Any of these things can create a public safety and public health issue and create a situation under which people would see more than just a situation where the government is losing money.

#2 Government’s Relationship

The other major reason that healthcare is a little different from the kinds of frauds committed against the government is that the government’s relationship to the provider of the healthcare service is very different than in say defense or in any other normal contract situation. The government is essentially a third party in most healthcare related cases. As a result the government officials don’t have a direct relationship with the provider. They have no way of knowing exactly what went on in the provision of the service and usually that can place the whistleblower in a stronger position to file the case against the defendant and usually it means that the government’s position is stronger to pursue the case than other kinds of contracting fraud.

What is the Environment for Whistleblowers in the Healthcare Sector?

I think that the environment for employees as a whistleblower is rarely great. I say that because employers don’t particularly like somebody coming along and pointing out that they are committing fraud against the government or that they are engaged in some type of practice that is harmful to people. It is usually not going to win you a lot of popularity contests at work. So it is generally something that people do not take lightly and it is not something that generally gets people awards and accolades at work.

Most places just don’t like being told that they are breaking the law, they are ripping off the government, or they are committing fraud. Most places don’t like hearing that. Worse most places when confronted with that information from employees do not change the practices. Usually it takes a law suit to make that happen.