How Do Whistleblowers Help the Healthcare Industry?

Below are frequently asked question on whistleblowers and how they impact the healthcare industry. To learn more schedule a free consultation with a healthcare fraud whistleblower lawyer today.

Why Are Whistleblowers Within the Healthcare Industry Important?

Well, I think they’re particularly important in the healthcare industry for a couple of reasons. First of all, patients don’t often have a direct understanding of what the insurance that they’re covered for is paying for at any given time. Also, if they’re sick, they’re not in a position to challenge these bills or challenge what’s going on.

It’s a highly technical field of course, so knowing why something is continually being billed one way when it shouldn’t requires a certain expertise and usually you only get that from somebody on the inside who understands what the wrongful practice is.

Another reason why whistleblowers in healthcare are so important is because once money becomes the driving issue of a healthcare service provider or healthcare business to the point that somebody’s committing fraud, then we all become a little bit endangered. We become endangered by the defective drugs and we become endangered by a wrongful practices at hospitals.

It’s not the same thing as a mistake when there’s a systematic fraudulent effort. A mistake could happen anytime but a systematic fraudulent effort to make money off of healthcare, which is  bad for the government bottom line, threatens our own health and safety.

What Are Potential Clients With The Healthcare Fraud Cases Most Concerned With?

Well, it’s interesting. You would think, given the large collections that there have been in some healthcare fraud cases, that they would be most interested in money. I don’t find that to be the experience. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a whistleblower earning their recovery, but what I have seen is that whistleblowers get easily offended when they see healthcare compromised on a systematic basis.

If you’re a nurse or doctor and you see that, it’s very hard to live with. It eats up some people inside and they want to do something about it. I think that’s what they’re most concerned about. They’re usually most concerned about ending what they see as dangerous practices that endanger public health and also rip off the government.

That’s usually what you see with healthcare whistleblowers. They really do not like it when they think care is being compromised just to make money.