Frequently Asked Questions

Whistleblower laws including the False Claims Act and its qui tam provisions can be very complex. If you wish to pursue any whistleblower case, it is crucial that you learn as much as possible about the law that applies to your case. Understanding these laws will help you work with an attorney to determine what allegations you have that may be worth pursuing and how to go about preparing your case.

Below you will find a list of important and frequently asked questions that might help you understand the complexities of this area of law and give you a better idea of what exactly goes into a whistleblower case. If you have any questions that don’t appear in the list below, or if you would simply like to consult an experienced whistleblower attorney to learn more about the viability of your case, please contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation. Simply fill out the contact form on this page, or call (202) 552-1777.

Whistleblower FAQs:

Can a Whistleblower Case be Filed Anonymously?

Filing if Implicated in Fraud

Money Spent Overseas

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