Working With The Government

When dealing with whistleblower cases the government often plays an integral role in investigating and then prosecuting cases. For this reason, the interaction with the government is an important thing for any potential whistleblower to keep in mind. The following is what to know about the government’s approach to whistleblower cases and how they approach different types of cases. To discuss a whistleblower case and learn more about the government’s role, contact a whistleblower lawyer as soon as possible.

Meeting with the Government

Usually these meetings are both serious and informal. Obviously, anytime someone meets with members of the Department of Justice or State Attorney General, it is a serious matter. They are reviewing the case.

They do so with someone’s attorney present and they work to discuss the case with them. It is not generally adversarial, they usually consider themselves to be on the same side as the whistleblower especially in earlier meetings. They are just there to try and find out as much as they can about the case from the whistleblower in as efficient a way as they can. It is not courtroom procedure. Someone’s whistleblower lawyer is not going to yell objection or any of that kind of stuff. It is kind of an informal setting, but it is a serious meeting.

Government Approach to Cases

The government does not approach it differently in the sense of trying to determine if the case has merit. However, the government uses different resources for obvious reasons. They have some investigators who understand the world of defense contracting, and they have some investigators who understand the world of Medicare and Medicaid. They have other lawyers who do certain kinds of cases. Maybe they have a particular investigator who knows one agency.

Generally, they will be in contact with the agency (or agencies) of the government that were defrauded, and try and see if there is an investigator who understands that agency’s workings well. It is more about the allocation of resources in determining who is going to do the investigation.

The laws and regulations governing something like defense contracting are different than the laws and regulations that govern Medicare and Medicaid. That can cover everybody’s understanding of whether or not the actions that the whistleblower provides violate the law. That is something for the whistleblower attorney to study and learn about the regulations of the underlying industry involved.

Settlements With The Government

Defendants generally do settle with the government and the government would defend their settlements as being fair and reasonable under the circumstances. The government looks to what damages they can prove in court and looks to the reality of maintaining that action in court and the risks of success and failure in court. Defendants look at the same thing.

They make a good faith effort to settle on some number in between the total exposure of the company and what the company would like to pay which would generally be nothing, of course.