In Baseball, Cheating is the Problem, not Blowing the Whistle

Even in Baseball, which after all is just entertainment, a whistleblower can be subject to being attacked, merely […]

Reporting Pharmaceutical Frauds and Acts of Misrepresentation

There have been some large cases related to the Opioid crisis. A few half-billion-dollar settlements have hit so […]

The Strange Case of Jeffrey Wertkin

One area of the Strange Case of Jeffrey Wertkin appears to be coming to a close. Mr. Wertkin […]

Unforgivable: Is Bank of America Trying to Pull a Fast One?

It’s worth re-reading the New York Times story by Gretchen Morgenson from yesterday if you want to understand how hard it is to bring a case and affect change in the banking world and why people may not trust the process.

DC United: States Attorney’s Office Encourages Whistleblower Attorneys

About 30 lawyers from the local qui tam bar accepted the invitation of the U.S. Attorney’s Office Civil Enforcement Section. The session was billed as a seminar on best practices and was led by Deputy Chief Keith Morgan.

Just in Time for the Holidays…

Yes indeed, the National Whistleblower Center has produced a report that shows something those of us who follow this area of law know but …

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