Reporting Tips Directly to the SEC

One development which may have the effect of increasing the number of tips provided to the SEC is […]

Myths About Whistleblowers

One of the myths that can sometimes keep potential whistleblowers from coming forward is the myth that internal […]

How Neglecting Industry Regulations led to a Prison Sentence for Pharmacy Executive

Yesterday morning NPR reported on a case that made me want to know much, much more. Barry Cadden, […]

Recent Decisions Regarding Implied Certification Theory

A recent Supreme Court decision in United Health Care Services v. Escobar is having a big impact on […]

Whistleblower Cases & Employment Law

The following is taken from an interview with an experienced whistleblower attorney as they discuss the relationship between […]

Transferring Rewards to a Heir or Executor: Where Whistleblower Law Meets Trusts & Estates

Life does not wait for you to collect in a whistleblower case, and unfortunately False Claims Act cases can take years to develop.

Democratic Candidates on Snowden: The Irony of Whistleblower Rights in America

The Democratic Presidential Debate was a little depressing when viewed from the extremely narrow perspective of Whistleblower law.

Evidence Review in the Electronic Age

One of the results of this shift is a growing awareness to check if items sent in to the Department ain’t tainted.

Tainted? you ask. By what?

Blowing the Whistle on Deflate-gate

This just in and just in time—A Super Bowl fraud story.

Here’s a review from a very limited perspective of the latest sports fraud story, which is analogous to the world of real big-time government contractor fraud.

Remembering the Origins of the False Claims Act on Veteran’s Day

It’s Veteran’s Day here in Washington, DC and just outside our office the crowds are already beginning to gather for tonight’s celebration.