Consulting With a Qui Tam lawyer

Below, a Qui Tam attorney discusses the importance of retaining counsel when planning to file a Qui Tam claim, and the potential concerns most clients have when consulting with a Qui Tam attorney.

I don’t think there is much if any risk in consulting with a Qui Tam lawyer. Obviously communications between a Qui Tam lawyer and a potential plaintiff should be done with some level of discretion. It is not something that you want everybody in the world to know about and the Qui Tam lawyer, like all lawyers, should keep the information confidential; even the fact that you are talking to them should be kept confidential. So at least initially, I don’t see much risk in talking to a Qui Tam lawyer.

It is important to note you won’t be exposed to criminal liability if you consult with a Qui Tam lawyer. You are allowed to talk to a lawyer in this country.

Can I Get In Trouble With My Employer for Meeting With a Qui Tam Lawyer?

Hopefully they won’t know. It is probably best if you call your Qui Tam lawyer from a phone outside of the office. It usually makes sense to email your Qui Tam lawyer from a computer outside of the office.

The employer would be subject to being sued for retaliation if they did so on the basis of your talking with a Qui Tam lawyer but you have to prove that and nobody needs to be the object of retaliation in the first place.

Will the Government Know if I Consult with Qui Tam Lawyer?

They will know if and when you file a case that you have been consulting with a Qui Tam lawyer because generally, to file a case, you will need a lawyer, and the government will want to contact or get information about your case through your attorney. They will probably not want to contact you directly.

I can’t speak for what the National Security Administration is doing to spy on all phone calls at any given time, but conversations between clients and Qui Tam lawyers are confidential. You are not calling the government when you to talk to a Qui Tam lawyer. You are calling your potential lawyer and that is supposed to be privileged communication between you and your lawyer.

If You Are Not Sure You Want to File a Qui Tam Case, Should You Still Talk to a Lawyer?

Yes, you should find out whether or not you have a Qui Tam claim and or if you have some other kind of action. If the Qui Tam doesn’t work, the lawyer would be able to direct you to another attorney who might be able to help you in some other way. So yes, absolutely.