Important Things To Know About Qui Tam Cases

Below, a Qui Tam attorney discusses important factors of Qui Tam cases such as, misinformation, myths and the reputation Qui Tam cases have throughout the country.

The major goal is to present your client’s evidences as best as possible and then to convince the government to pursue the case and obtain whatever fair reward would be for your client. Those are the overall goals for a Qui Tam lawyer. Additionally, as a public policy issue, the goal is to stop fraud, to desensitize fraud, to fight fraud committed against the government. That is usually what motivates Qui Tam relators.

Main Takeaways About Qui Tam Cases

The main things everyone should know about Qui Tam cases is that they are complex, difficult and rewarding. They are involving usually very large contractual or complicated contractual issues and they can take quite a bit of time as a result and they are rewarding because the plaintiff finally has a chance to tell people in a position to do something about the fraud, about the details of their information.

That alone can be very rewarding to a plaintiff relator.

What is Some False Information about Qui Tam Claims People May Hear?

There is a great deal of misinformation put about the motives of most whistleblowers. The reason for that is that it is a lot easier to focus on the motives of a whistleblower than it is on the real reason for their reporting fraud or indeed the actual fraudulent activity which gives rise to a successful False Claims Act case.

There are myths about whistleblowers and False Claims Act plaintiff-relators that they are greedy, that they are willing to talk about anything all the time and really it is not that at all. Usually what happens is the whistleblower sees something really, really horrible and doesn’t know what to do about it. Usually that starts the process for them to be a False Claims Act relator and file a Qui Tam action.

People also tend to think these cases can happen overnight and/or that they can pursue a case against the government through a Qui Tam action.

Why Do Qui Tam Cases Have Such A Bad Reputation And How Can This Be Fixed?

I don’t know if they have a bad reputation but there are people out there who are attempting to fight back because they have lost Qui Tam cases. There are some well-organized and large defendants who have had to pay under the law and so they are fighting and doing everything they can to push back.