Fraud at Our DC Public Schools

The news as reported in the Washington Post today is enough to make a DC resident sick. Parents […]

The Wells Fargo Fiasco and the Complications of Internal Fraud Reporting

It is worth repeating a thousand times: Internal reporting is no substitute for external authority of whistleblowers to […]

Refusing SEC Reward Money: Noble Act or Whistleblower Deterrent?

There were two big stories about Security Exchange Comission (SEC) whistleblower rewards in the last couple of weeks. The […]

The True Value of False Claims Act Fines

The False Claims Act used to carry a civil fine of $2,000. When you ask? Well this is […]

World Cup of Fraud: FIFA Under Fire for Bribery

Unless you have been reading only the Style section lately, you know that FIFA has been hit with many indictments. The phrase “world cup of fraud” was flying all over the news yesterday and it made me wonder about a lot of different things all at once.

Debunking the Myth of the Greedy Whistleblower

Tony Munter discusses an article that claims whistleblower laws incentivize fraud, and talks about the benefits of whistleblower reward laws in the U.S.

Just in Time for the Holidays…

Yes indeed, the National Whistleblower Center has produced a report that shows something those of us who follow this area of law know but …

Harvard Professor Blows Whistle on Chinese Takeout False Claims

I blog today on the unbelievable correspondence from my former home-town of Boston, covered by If you live in Boston, by now you know the story:

SEC Whistleblower Office Reports

The SEC office of the Whistleblower has just provided its annual report. Legal intelligence quoted the report and noted the “Dramatic increase” in whistleblower awards and the amount of such awards.

Uncle Sam Sees $24B Windfall As a Result of Record 2014 Financial Fraud Collections

Tony Munter speaks on recent comments by Attorney General Eric Holder that financial fraud fines have resulted in $24 billion for the Justice Department.