Reporting Pharmaceutical Frauds and Acts of Misrepresentation

There have been some large cases related to the Opioid crisis. A few half-billion-dollar settlements have hit so […]

Reporting Tips Directly to the SEC

One development which may have the effect of increasing the number of tips provided to the SEC is […]

Questioning The Latest Statistics on Collections Under the FCA

The latest Statistics on Collections under the FCA are in and in my view people are well, missing […]

Puerto Rico Passes its Brand New False Claims Act

Thanks to Robert Patten of Taxpayers Against Fraud for letting the legal community know that today is a […]

Tragic Duck Boat Accident in Branson

We don’t really know yet for sure what happened or why so many people lost their lives in […]

Lance Armstrong, Floyd Landis, and the False Claims Act

Today’s Washington Post Sports Section provides this perspective on an important False Claims Act case: “For Armstrong, Thursday’s […]

United States and Toyobo Case Has Ended

Almost everyone who worked on the unbelievably long litigation settled last week between the United States and Toyobo […]

The Strange Case of Jeffrey Wertkin

One area of the Strange Case of Jeffrey Wertkin appears to be coming to a close. Mr. Wertkin […]

Fraud at Our DC Public Schools

The news as reported in the Washington Post today is enough to make a DC resident sick. Parents […]

Importance of the False Claims Act

Here’s a video clip that is worth reviewing from C-SPAN. I am indebted to the good people at […]