What to Expect From a False Claims Case

If you have considered filing a case using the False Claims Act the following are frequently asked questions on what to expect from an FCA case. Contact a False Claims Act lawyer to learn more about your case.

When Should I Contact a False Claims Act Lawyer?

Well I think that before anyone, I think anyone in a position who knows that fraud is being committed, particularly fraud against the government should get legal advice because it is usually a bigger problem to deal with than a person might initially think and trying to figure out whether you have a False Claims Act case or some other kind of case is important.

One of the reasons to call somebody who understands the False Claims Act is that going public as we have discussed with these allegations can make it harder to pursue a False Claims Act case. But there are other types of cases where going public may make a lot of sense. You can only go public so many times. So you really want to know if you have False Claims Act case or not before you decide what to do.

There are all kinds of different Whistleblower Cases and all kinds of different reasons why somebody may have a legitimate reason to sue and it is good to know whether or not the False Claims Act applies to your case before you make any decisions. So I would say getting legal advice is a good idea under any circumstance but probably trying to figure out if you have a False Claims Act case early in the game is a good idea too.

What Should a Whistleblower Expect From False Claims Act Case?

They can expect that their allegations would get seriously investigated and they can expect that it will take some time for that to happen. False Claims Act cases can go any number of ways. The government can decide that the case has no merit and the plaintiff and their attorneys can decide not to pursue the case, the government can for reasons that it may or may not tell decide not to pursue the case, the plaintiff can decide to pursue the case on his or her own and the government can intervene and take over the case. In any of these scenarios I guess anything from a nothing happening to a large settlement or even litigation is possible.

To say for sure what one can expect from a False Claims Acts case, you may need a crystal ball. They are complicated cases. They involve a great deal of complex, factual issues and obviously we only file cases that we believe to be meritorious but sometimes it is hard to know how it will actually turn out in the end. We certainly hope for success.

Do I Need to Have Information on The Full Scheme to File a False Claims Act Case?

You may. You need to know why it is fraud against the government. That is really the issue. Can you explain? Do you have information that explains why the conduct you are describing is fraud against the government? Now it could be fraud against the government and you may have no particular understanding of how much money is involved that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the case. But you do have to know why it is fraud and explain what the fraudulent activity involved is in order to be able to bring the False Claims Act case.

Can Multiple People File a False Claims Act Case Together?

Yes, they can. Multiple relators are allowed under the False Claims Act.