The IRS Whistleblower Improvement Act and What it Could Mean For IRS Whistleblowers

Just in time for Tax Season, the IRS Whistleblower Law may be getting a much-needed improvement. It may […]

The Role of Whistleblowers in Avoiding the Next Financial Crisis

Nobody really has the answer to the size and dominance of the major banks over all financial life. […]

Australian Whistleblower Reveals Fraudulent Scientists

It is good to see some Court taking the problem of fraudulent scientific research seriously even if that […]

Martin Shkreli and The Case For Whistleblower Protection

Martin Shkreli is the man and he’s just had quite a day. Apparently 24 hours after he faced fraud charges in federal court in Brooklyn, he flew to Washington and both refused to talk to Congress and then went out of his way to insult it.

Wisconsin Walks Away From State FCA

The right to file on behalf of your government and thereby fight fraud is a precious one. Too […]

DC United: States Attorney’s Office Encourages Whistleblower Attorneys

About 30 lawyers from the local qui tam bar accepted the invitation of the U.S. Attorney’s Office Civil Enforcement Section. The session was billed as a seminar on best practices and was led by Deputy Chief Keith Morgan.

The Problem With the Arbitration Fairness Act

The Arbitration Fairness Act is a little difficult to explain because nobody is against arbitration, mediation or any form of alternative dispute resolution per se. The problem is something else entirely.

CROMNIBUS Bill Anti-Gag Provision Protects Whistleblowers

A little-noticed provision of the bill responsible for funding the entire United States Government at the start of 2015 may have a huge impact on the contracting world going forward.