World Cup of Fraud: FIFA Under Fire for Bribery

Unless you have been reading only the Style section lately, you know that FIFA has been hit with many indictments. The phrase “world cup of fraud” was flying all over the news yesterday and it made me wonder about a lot of different things all at once.

MD False Claims Act Passes House

This just in. The Maryland Legislature just joined the Maryland Senate and passed by an 88-51 vote margin SB374 which is an expanded False Claims Act. Now the legislation will go to the Governor for his likely signature. The law is not perfect by False Claims Act standards. Technically, it does not have a full […]

A Symbolic Toast For Harry Markopolos

Well, the qui tam bar is holding up a symbolic glass in the air and toasting Harry Markopolos today. He had reported to the SEC the biggest financial Ponzi scheme…well, since Ponzi…and nothing happened