Transferring Rewards to a Heir or Executor: Where Whistleblower Law Meets Trusts & Estates

Life does not wait for you to collect in a whistleblower case, and unfortunately False Claims Act cases can take years to develop.

Democratic Candidates on Snowden: The Irony of Whistleblower Rights in America

The Democratic Presidential Debate was a little depressing when viewed from the extremely narrow perspective of Whistleblower law.

High Drug Prices Are a Bitter Pill, But Not Always Fraud

In August, former hedge fund manager Mark Shkreli and his drug company, Turing Pharmaceuticals of New York, bought a drug called Daraprim from Impax Laboratories for $55 million. The drug treats a deadly infection in HIV patients.

Deflate-Gate Ruling a Win for the NFL

So you think it is easy to win a fraud case, do you? Sometimes it is not so clear. Just ask Roger Goodell. He was judge, jury, and executioner against Tom Brady and essentially accused the 4-Time Super Bowl Winner of fraud by deflating or knowingly using footballs that were under-inflated.

National Whistleblower Day And Congress’ Whistleblower Caucus

National Whistleblower day in the Russell Senate Office Building

Wisconsin Walks Away From State FCA

The right to file on behalf of your government and thereby fight fraud is a precious one. Too […]

Tips For Employment Lawyers: Spotting a False Claims Act Case

I’m renewing my Membership in the National Employment Lawyers Association today, even though, strictly speaking, I don’t handle very much in the way of traditional employment law.

Telling White From Wrong: Whistleblowers And The SEC

Amidst calls to have Mary Jo White of the SEC resign or be replaced comes a slightly different reaction from the National Whistleblowers Center (NWC)

World Cup of Fraud: FIFA Under Fire for Bribery

Unless you have been reading only the Style section lately, you know that FIFA has been hit with many indictments. The phrase “world cup of fraud” was flying all over the news yesterday and it made me wonder about a lot of different things all at once.

In Praise of Periodontists, Dentists & the Anti-Kickback Statute

Back in October the DOJ settled a case against a group of dental clinics for $5 million. It’s a real shame when any medical professional violates The False Claims Act because it goes to our relationship with our doctors.