Maintaining Anonymity in False Claims Suits

Many would like to file cases anonymously in order to protect against the potential for retaliation from their company and preserve their standing within a professional community. Unfortunately, under the False Claims Act, such protection is limited.

Deflate-Gate Ruling a Win for the NFL

So you think it is easy to win a fraud case, do you? Sometimes it is not so clear. Just ask Roger Goodell. He was judge, jury, and executioner against Tom Brady and essentially accused the 4-Time Super Bowl Winner of fraud by deflating or knowingly using footballs that were under-inflated.

Integrity Action And The Global Fight Against Fraud

By False Claims Act Attorney Tony Munter Integrity Action, one of my favorite non-profit organizations run by one of my favorite people, just sent out a newsletter update. Integrity Action continues to thrive and bring new and creative ways to fight corruption under the leadership of Fredrik Galtung. Integrity Action works to fight corruption in unusual […]

Wisconsin Walks Away From State FCA

By Whistleblower Attorney Tony Munter The right to file on behalf of your government and thereby fight fraud is a precious one. Too bad nobody in the mainstream media seems to care. Why do I say this? Well, Wisconsin had a State False Claims Act. Maybe it wasn’t the most important law in the country, […]