Congress Defends Whistleblowers While Attacking Whistleblower Protections

By Whistleblower Attorney Tony Munter Congress apparently has the ability to keep two totally opposing ideas afloat simultaneously. Today, the Washington Post reports on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and its remarkable willingness to hear testimony about just how badly some whistleblowers are treated by the TSA. Yet today, Congress is also […]

The Role of Whistleblowers in Avoiding the Next Financial Crisis

By Whistleblower Attorney Tony Munter Nobody really has the answer to the size and dominance of the major banks over all financial life. Or, I guess, if they have the answer they can’t sell it to everyone in power. This was pretty much the admission fostered by the New York Times in its editorial today […]

Australian Whistleblower Reveals Fraudulent Scientists

By Whistleblower Attorney Tony Munter It is good to see some Court taking the problem of fraudulent scientific research seriously even if that Court is literally half a world away. According to Science Alert an Australian Court took allegations of published fraudulent data pretty seriously. The Case involved: “Bruce Murdoch, an Australian neuroscientist who’s just […]

How Higher Drug Prices Lead to Lower Quality Treatment

The Washington Post appears to be making a concerted effort to try to explain the high cost of prescription drugs in this country. Since drug pricing moves in mysterious ways, a drug that is fairly cheap one year, may be far more expensive years later.

SEC Says Outsiders Can Now File Whistleblower Claims

By Whistleblower Attorney Tony Munter It is a happy development that the requirement to be an “insider” in order to qualify for whistleblower rewards is under attack. The Securities and Exchange Commission just made an award of more than $700,000 “to a company outsider who conducted a detailed analysis that led to a successful SEC […]

Publishing the Faces of Fraud

By Whistleblower Attorney Tony Munter It makes you a little queasy, maybe more than a little queasy, to read about the fraud going on in New Jersey right now. One of the most recent reports indicated that “Eight people were charged on Tuesday with lying to obtain more than $313,000 in super storm Sandy aid they […]

Maintaining Anonymity in False Claims Suits

Many would like to file cases anonymously in order to protect against the potential for retaliation from their company and preserve their standing within a professional community. Unfortunately, under the False Claims Act, such protection is limited.