Qui Tam 2017 Year In Review

The Year in Whistleblower Reward Law has Been Tricky, but Exciting. The United States just released statistics on total recoveries for fiscal 2017, showing that the government continues to reap rewards from the False Claims Act. It obtained $3.7 billion from these cases. Most importantly $3.4 billion was recovered from cases filed by individuals under […]

Advising False Claims Act Clients When Considering Government Declines

This year’s Taxpayers Against Fraud convention was on overdrive or maybe it was just that I had too much coffee. Either way, the majority of the attorneys in private practice who do the plaintiff’s side work on False Claims Act cases attended. In my view, the biggest news, if you can call anything news when […]

Reverse False Claims in Non-Payment of Customs Duties

To steal a line from a colleague, Customs provides the second largest source of revenue to the federal Government after only the IRS. The 2016 Performance and Accountability report of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency lists revenues collected on page 170 as $44.8 billion and change for 2016. Even by the standards of […]

The Aftermath of Bountygate: Whistleblowing in the NFL

Well Sports fans here we go: METAIRIE, La. — New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton expressed his astonishment on Twitter after Fox Sports reported Sunday that former Saints whistleblower Mike Cerullo now works for the NFL office. I have nothing in particular against the New Orleans Saints. As a New England Patriots Fan, well, we […]

National Whistleblower Day Celebration

It was inspiring to attend the celebration of this year’s National Whistleblower Day in the Kennedy Caucus room of the Russell Senate Office Building. Support for whistleblowers came from an impressive bipartisan group of legislators. Senator Charles Grassley (R-Whistleblowers) was the first legislator to speak. He was also the one who most forcefully noted the […]

The Dangers of Off Label Promotion in the Pharmaceutical Industry

By False Claims Act Attorney Tony Munter The largest False Claims Act cases (by far) have involved nationwide scams in the pharmaceutical industry. Many relied on the theory of “off label” promotion. A drug can be prescribed for any use by a physician. It is supposed to be promoted only for its approved use by […]